GiveWP Review -The Best WordPress Donation Plugin

In this post, we are going to review the best WordPress Donation Plugin, GiveWP!

Easily create donation pages using the most powerful WordPress donation plugin. GiveWP provides you with an intuitive way to accept donations online through your own WordPress site with a variety of payment methods available in multiple countries.

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Turn your one-time donors into recurring donors with a click!


GiveWP Features Overview


  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Full Featured Reporting

  • Powerful Donor Management

  • Complete Payment History

  • Multiple Display Style Options

  • Show Custom Goals

  • Recurring Donation Subscriptions

  • Ability to Import and Export Data

  • Accept Credit Cards On Site

  • Host of Marketing Integrations

  • Salesforce NPSP Integration

  • Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

  • Offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual donation subscription options
  • Accept donations with Stripe, PayPal,, Square, and more
  • Powerful insight reporting allows you to track your fundraising performance
  • Powerful add-ons designed to take your fundraising to the next level


GiveWP review


Multiple Payment Gateways

You can choose your own payment gateway from over fifteen options including, Stripe, PayPal Pro, and more.

Full Featured Reporting

Gain a complete understanding of your donation form performance through insightful charts and tables with key performance indicators.

Powerful Donor Management

Keep track of your donors directly on your WordPress website. Know who your top donors are and keep notes on their support.

Complete Payment History

It’s easy to give any donor their complete payment history when you allow donor registration and enable donor history access.

Multiple Display Style Options

Add donation forms to your WordPress site in a variety of styles including standalone pages, buttons, modal popups, and more.

Show Custom Goals

Create a fear of missing out or sense of competition with goal bars. Customize your goals to track the amount raised or the number of donations.

Recurring Donation Subscriptions

Allow donors to give on a repeating basis with recurring donation subscriptions that you can set with custom frequencies and amounts.

Ability to Import and Export Data

Keep your old fundraising platform data or add your previous donation history with the ability to import and export your data.

Ability to Import and Export Data

Keep your old fundraising platform data or add your previous donation history with the ability to import and export your data.

Host of Marketing Integrations

Connect to powerful marketing platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact with GiveWP fundraising marketing add-ons.

Salesforce NPSP Integration

Integrate your donation forms with your Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to improve your donor relationships.

Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

Add the GiveWP Google Analytics add-on to keep track of your donation form performance and donor traffic behavior.

Give your donors the choice between daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual donation subscriptions. Set preselected levels of giving or allow your donors to choose. GiveWP Recurring Donations gives you a broad range of options.

Accept donations with Stripe, PayPal,, Square, and more!

Choose which payment gateway you use from a wide selection of merchants.

Want to accept recurring donations? No problem! Many of their payment gateways are compatible with the Recurring Donations and Currency Switcher add-ons.

Powerful insight reporting allows you to track your fundraising performance!

Know exactly how your online donation forms are performing overall and which perform best. Keep track of your top supporters, where they gave, and when.

Integrate with Google Analytics to know where your donors came from and how they decided to give with enhanced eCommerce tracking as well.

Powerful add-ons designed to take your fundraising to the next level!

In addition to developer-friendly code, they also offer a growing library of add-ons. Add donation upsells to your WooCommerce store. Allow donors to dedicate their donations and more.

With Fee Recovery you can ask donors to cover the credit card processing fees. Adding these additional features to your GiveWP donation forms makes them even more powerful.

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Powerful Add-ons


The new Peer-to-Peer Fundraising add-on for GiveWP allows you to open up your WordPress donation forms to your supporters! Now your community can raise money for you in the traditional peer-to-peer style or through team fundraising. The choice is yours!

Recurring Donations for GiveWP

Turn your one-time donors into recurring donors with a click!

Recurring donors give an average of 30% more per year than one-time donors. The Recurring Donations Add-on for GiveWP makes it simple.

Form Field Manager

Form Field Manager (FFM) allows you to add and manage additional fields for your GiveWP donation forms using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Form fields include simple fields such as checkboxes, dropdowns, radios, and more. The more complex form fields that you can add are file upload fields, Rich text editors (TinyMCE), and the powerful Repeater field.

Fee Recovery

Credit Card processing fees can take away a big chunk of your online donations. This means less money goes to your cause. Why not ask your donors to further help your cause by asking them to take care of the payment processing fees? That’s where the Fee Recovery add-on comes into play. The GiveWP Fee Recovery add-on works with a variety of payment gateways and has per-form settings so you can toggle it on and off wherever you’d like.

Funds and Designations

Set donation funds and designations to enhance your online fundraising structure and allow donors to choose where they want to make an impact. Or, organize your campaigns with multiple forms to funnel into one fund. You decide how to organize your fundraising! Each fund has its own reporting section in the fundraising reports so you can clearly see where your donors make the most impact.

PDF Receipts

PDF Receipts makes it easy for your donors to print their tax deductible receipts by making PDF downloadable copies of them easily available. Donors can get a link to their receipt provided to them in the confirmation email, there is also a link in the donation confirmation screen, and a link in their Donation History page.


Allow donors to give to your cause via customizable tributes like “In honor of,” “In memory of,” or any dedication you prefer. You can also use the GiveWP Tributes add-on to send eCards and produce customized mailable cards that your donors and their honorees will love. This add-on also generates its own fundraising report as well as an exportable list of those people have added as their tribute.

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The Text-to-Give GiveWP add-on allows your donors to give to your cause directly from their mobile phones. Powered by Twilio and Stripe, Text-to-Give makes it simple for donors to give from anywhere they have a phone signal. Better yet, giving again and again is as simple as sending a text message with an amount.


Leverage the full power of GiveWP and Salesforce by connecting your WordPress donor database to your nonprofit’s CRM. Designed specifically for Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) accounts, the GiveWP Salesforce add-on automatically syncs your new donors, donations, and subscriptions to Salesforce as Contacts, Donation Opportunities, and Recurring Donations.

Currency Switcher

Allow your donors to switch to their currency of choice and increase your overall giving with the GiveWP Currency Switcher add-on. Select from an extensive list of currencies, set the currency based on your users’ location, pull from live exchange rates and more! Allowing your donors to give in the currency of their choice expands your audience over international boundaries. Help your cause grow with Currency Switcher.

Annual Receipts

Activating Annual Receipts for GiveWP allows your donors to access their yearly tax-deductible receipts in a downloadable PDF. It only takes a few minutes to install, activate and set up for you or your website administrator. After that, your donors can view and download their annual giving history at any time through their donor dashboard! Providing your donors with more tools helps keep them happy. Happy donors help you raise more money.

Stripe Donations for GiveWP

Accept Credit Card Donations on your Website with Stripe

Keep your donors on your website and accept Google Pay, Apple Pay and more with a world-class, secure payment gateway.

Authorize.Net Gateway

This GiveWP add-on allows you to accept credit cards directly on your site via Authorize.Net. When donors give through the Authorize.Net gateway, users enter their credit card details during the donation process and never leave your site, resulting in a better experience for the user and more successful conversions for you.

BitPay Donations

Start accepting crypto donations in various crypto currencies, supporting multiple Wallets, and have daily settlements directly into your bank account. Bitpay makes crypto donations easy.

Gift Aid

If you’re accepting donations in the United Kingdom and not allowing donors to give with Gift Aid then you are leaving money on the table. Charities in the UK can claim an extra 25p for every £1 their donors give when they opt-in to the UK tax program.

Donation Upsells for WooCommerce

If you sell anything on your website using WooCommerce, you need Donation Upsells for WooCommerce. Whether you use GiveWP as a tip jar or to raise money for a nonprofit cause, adding upsells for WooCommerce gives you more flexibility to increase the revenue you gain through your website. It also uses the payment gateway you have connected to WooCommerce, so there’s no need to add more.

Google Analytics Donation Tracking

Google Analytics Donation Tracking uses Google Analytics’ Enhanced E-commerce features to measure your donation campaign success. Track user interactions with donation forms across the user’s site experience, including initiating the donation process, completing a donation, admin refunds, and more.


Combine the power of Active Campaign with your GiveWP donation forms. If you use Active Campaign as your donor CRM or fundraising marketing tool, then this add-on is perfect for you. Add a newsletter opt-in to your donation forms and customize the opt-in text to match your cause branding. Then, assign a list and choose which tags you want applied and watch your contact lists grow.

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Add your donors to your MailChimp email newsletter lists to help maintain your donor relationship. Ask donors to opt-in when they give so you can follow up more effectively later on. It only takes a few minutes to set up, but the relationships you will build with your donors have the potential to last a lifetime.

Manual Donations

The Manual Donations add-on allows you to create donations directly in your WordPress dashboard. Donations can be attached to a specific donor, or a new donor can be easily created during the donation creation process. This doesn’t actually charge the donor, but is meant to help you reconcile your records.


Connect your GiveWP install to Zapier and integrate with many of today’s top web services and applications. A simple and powerful way to integrate GiveWP with 1,000+ third party web services, including SalesForce, Google Docs, Twilio, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Xero, Zendesk, Dropbox and more!

Email Reports

GiveWP’s Email Reports add-on allows you to receive valuable donation statistics for specific timespans directly in your inbox. Real-time notifications can be distracting and uninformative, but it’s easy to feel left-in-the-dark by disabling them. Why not roll your donation stats into a single report and stay informed on how your online fundraising efforts are performing over time?

Per Form Gateways

Choose on a per form basis which payment gateways you would like enabled for donors. Full control is provided on each donation form for selecting enabled gateways and customizing the default payment option. This plugin provides the granular control for the payment gateways displayed on each donation form.

2Checkout Gateway

2Checkout is an international credit card merchant. It supports over 87 different currencies, 197 countries, and more than 15 languages. If you’re looking for a robust and modern gateway we suggest you take a look at this one.

iATS Payment Solutions

iATS is a one-stop payment solution providing nonprofit organizations with their own merchant account. GiveWP is proud to integrate with iATS payments with our add-on so you can accept donations online via credit card.

PayPal Pro Gateway

Use your nonprofit’s PayPal Pro payment gateway with your GiveWP donation forms for a smooth donor experience. You can also accept Recurring PayPal Donations when you install and activate our GiveWP Recurring Donations add-on. Allow your donors to give securely and easily with a gateway they know and trust: PayPal.

Paytm Gateway

Paytm makes it easy to accept donation payments on your website with one of India’s most popular gateways. Paytm is secure, easy to setup, and offers some of the lowest pricing in the industry. Integrate GiveWP and Paytm and begin accepting online donations today.


The PayFast gateway is one of the most popular in South Africa. As an off-site payment gateway for GiveWP, PayFast allows donors to give securely using a variety of payment methods including EFT and credit cards. PayFast has no setup fees and no monthly fees as well as built-in fraud detection. If you’re raising money and looking for a donation payment gateway for South Africa, this is the solution for you.

Mollie Payment Gateway

Using Mollie with GiveWP allows you to add a secure, off-site donation option for your donors. This means you don’t need an SSL certificate and you have no need to worry about PCI compliance. This gateway supports recurring donations so your donors can choose to give on a regular basis to sustain your cause over time. With Mollie donors will enjoy an intuitive and modern approach to donations that’s faster and more secure.

Moneris Gateway

Accept your online donations through Moneris, Canada’s leading payment processor. The GiveWP Moneris payment gateway gives your donors a smooth donation experience, which ultimately results in more donations and more repeat donors. Your donors can use all major credit cards and you can automatically refund anyone who requests it. This payment gateway for GiveWP also helps to cut down on spam donations with eFraud tools as well as address and card verification.

Square Gateway

Use your Square payment gateway for your GiveWP online donation forms. With Square donations, you benefit from fraud detection, end-to-end encryption, fast deposits, and the ability to refund your donors directly through GiveWP. Plus, your donors can use most major credit cards, so they can give however they’d like. Sqaure creates an easy-to-use transaction for your donors and helps you keep track of all your online donations in one place.


Sofort is a popular payment gateway in Germany and Europe that allows for secure donation payments. As an off-site payment gateway for GiveWP, it takes your donors to their website to complete the transaction, ensuring a secure payment is made. Donors can transfer cash using their online banking account via or, a well-known payment provider in Europe.

PayUmoney Gateway

PayUmoney is one of the largest payment gateway services providers in India. PayUmoney is easy to setup, has a great donor experience, and allows you to start accepting donation payments on your website quickly.

Paymill Gateway

Paymill is a European credit card processor that enables you to accept credit card donations directly on your website. This add-on allows you to process credit cards through your Paymill account.

GoCardless Gateway

GoCardless is a popular gateway that offers a low-cost Direct Debit solution for accepting online donations. The gateway is built atop a modern platform and also supports recurring donations.

AmeriCloud Payments

This GiveWP add-on allows you to accept credit cards directly on your site via AmeriCloud Payments. When donors give through the AmeriCloud Payments gateway, users enter their credit card details during the donation process and never leave your site, resulting in a better experience for the user and more successful conversions for you.

Take your fundraising to the next level with Marketing Addons!

Braintree Gateway

This GiveWP Add-on allows you to accept credit cards directly on your website through your account. With the Braintree Payment Gateway add-on enabled, users are provided an option to donate using their Credit Cards without ever having to click off-site. The result is a better donation experience and ultimately higher conversion rate. With Braintree, you can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards.


Allow your donors to easily opt-in to your cause’s AWeber-powered mailing lists when they donate. Donors can be added to a specific list that you can set for all forms or on a per form basis. This gives you control over how you speak to each type of donor, depending on how you set up your forms. Segmenting your donors gives you more ability to covert them to give again later on.


Allow your donors to easily opt-in to your cause’s ConvertKit forms and tags when giving. Donors can be added to a specific form that you can set for all donations or on a per-donation form basis. This gives you more control over how you segment and speak to your donors. When you segment between recurring donors, one-time givers, and more, you gain more control over how you ask for donations, meaning more conversions.

Constant Contact

Allow your donors to easily opt-in to your cause’s Constant Contact powered email mailing lists when they donate. Donors can be added to a specific list that you can set for all forms or on a per form basis. This add-on provides a hassle free Constant Contact integration.

Razorpay Gateway

Razorpay is a popular payments platform in India that allows you to accept online payments via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking and Wallets from your donors. The donation experience with GiveWP and Razorpay is modern and seamless which keeps your donors happy and your conversion rates high.

CCAvenue Gateway

CCAvenue is one of South Asia’s biggest payment gateways. This payment gateway add-on for GiveWP allows donors to give using multiple payment options within a secure and familiar interface.

I would give a 5 star rating to GiveWP since it has so many features which other donation plugins don’t provide. You can try this plugin for free where you get access to amazing features!

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We use affiliate links and we may earn a small commission if you make any purchase through our links.

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