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Vecteezy Review – Amazing photography, videos & Vectors

Vecteezy review


What is Vecteezy?

Vecteezy is the fastest-growing independent creative marketplace. They serve millions of visitors each month, with users in more than 180 different countries. Vecteezy makes designers’ lives easier by providing free and affordable creative content and simple licensing.

In 2007, Vecteezy was launched by founder and CEO Shawn Rubel. Today, thousands of
designers, photographers, and videographers from around the world contribute the amazing resources that are available to Vecteezy’s users.

What’s Available at Vecteezy?

Vecteezy offers millions of high-quality stock photos, 4K videos, and vector graphics, with new resources added daily. Many of the resources are available for free download and others require a Vecteezy Pro subscription.


In late 2021, Vecteezy began offering value-packed bundles. Pro subscribers are able to
download these bundles on a weekly basis at no additional cost, which adds tremendous value to the subscription. Each bundle is available for a limited time (usually a few days), so Pro subscribers need to act quickly. Many of the bundles include types of resources that have not been available at Vecteezy in the past, including content like fonts, Photoshop files, Lightroom presets, and more.


Overview of Vecteezy Pro

While millions of resources are available for free download from Vecteezy, other resources require download credits or a Pro subscription.

Pro subscribers are able to download an unlimited number of photos, videos, and vectors from Vecteezy. With low prices, millions of resources available, and the opportunity for unlimited downloads, Vecteezy Pro is the best value in the industry. For about the same price as getting one or two images at some of the leading stock photo websites, Vecteezy Pro subscribers get unlimited downloads, plus access to bundles.


Most Important Features or Benefits of Vecteezy Pro

● Unlimited downloads. No daily limits. No caps. Vecteezy Pro subscribers can download all the photos, videos, and vectors they need.
● Exclusive access to bundles. Each bundle offered at Vecteezy represents an incredible value (a few new bundles are offered each week). Active Pro subscribers can download bundles at no additional cost.
● Unmatched value. A Vecteezy Pro subscription is the best value in the industry thanks to the combination of low prices, access to millions of high-quality resources, and no
download limits.
● Speed and convenience. Designers can work faster by making use of pre-designed vector elements, rather than creating everything from scratch.
● Growing collection. New resources are added to the site every day.
● Commercial rights. Pro users get a Pro license for each resource they download, which gives the right to use images and videos for most commercial purposes.
● No attribution needed. The free license requires users to credit Vecteezy, but this
requirement is waived for Pro subscribers (excluding Editorial Use Only content).
● Priority support. Pros subscribers get exclusive access to faster customer service,
including support by phone.
● Team accounts available – Multiple seats can be added for team members, as needed.

Target Audience

Vecteezy users fall into several different categories, including:
Graphic designers always need access to photos, videos, and graphic elements to use in their projects. This includes in-house designers, those who work for design agencies, freelancers, and even hobbyists.

Freelancers who need access to affordable high-quality creative resources for use in client projects.

Marketers who use images and video clips for advertisements and other promotions.

Small business owners who need images/videos for their website and other marketing
materials.Bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers who need affordable images and clips for the content they create on a regular basis.

Teachers and students that use images for projects and presentations.


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Simple Licensing

Licensing for stock resources can be complicated and confusing. Vecteezy aims to make
licensing details simple and easy to understand so users know exactly what they can and can’t do with the resources. Each resource lists the license type (Free, Pro, or Editorial) directly below the download button. Users can see more details of the license by clicking the link. The license details have been written to be as clear and simple as possible.


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