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Atlas VPN Review – The best VPN for online privacy

ATLAS VPN – Review

In this post we have posted a review on one of the best leading VPN service providers Atlas VPN.



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Key facts:

Atlas VPN has a user base of more than 6 million.
Atlas VPN is a freemium VPN solution, offering both a free version and premium subscription plans.
In 2021, Atlas VPN became part of Nord Security — a leader in providing digital security and privacy solutions.
Atlas VPN joins products like NordVPN, NordPass, NordLayer, NordLocker, and NordWL. However, Atlas VPN continues to operate as an independent product.
Atlas VPN operates under the jurisdiction of the United States, Delaware.
Atlas VPN supports Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV/FireStick. TV support is only available to premium clients.
Atlas VPN has a passwordless account system. Users are never prompted to create passwords. Instead, users provide their email address when logging in and receive a link that logs them in automatically.

1 month, 1-year, and 3-year plans.
At the moment, a 1 month subscription costs $10.99.
A 1-year subscription comes in at a 70% discount and a total of $39.42 or $3.29 per month.
A 2-year subscription is currently the best value deal, with 81% off ($49.19 for two years or $2.05 per month).
There’s also a 30-day money-back risk-free guarantee.

Atlas VPN supports payments via credit cards, Google Pay, and PayPal.
Atlas VPN also supports anonymous payments via cryptocurrencies.



At the moment, Atlas VPN offers 750 servers in 40+ locations.
They offer some of the most popular VPN server locations, like the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and others. All server locations can be found in their website.
Users can select a server from a number of specific cities in the US and India. The US servers are located in Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, and Phoenix.

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Atlas VPN offers special servers, ideal for bandwidth-heavy activities and offering more protection:

MultiHop+ servers. These servers select a random exit server from hundreds of VPN servers in different locations and rotate it as users browse.
Therefore, users do not retain the same IP address as connections switch between various gateways.
Currently, these servers are available in North America and Europe and on Windows, Android, and iOS, with support on macOS coming soon.
MultiHop+ servers are ideal for users looking for more encryption layers and frequent IP changes.

SafeSwap servers. These VPN servers also rotate IP addresses as users browse.
However, all IP addresses pinpoint the same location.
The continuous IP changes make it difficult to trace any activity performed by particular users.
Currently, they offer three SafeSwap server locations: Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Singapore, Singapore, and Los Angeles, United States.
Users can connect to SafeSwap servers on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV/FireStick.
Users choose SafeSwap to make their browsing more difficult to trace than with the regular VPN protection.

P2P (Peer-to-Peer) servers. All Atlas VPN servers can support secure and fast file sharing and downloads.
Streaming-optimized servers. Many Atlas VPN servers are ideal for lifting geo-blocks that hinder access to online streaming platforms.
Also, they can unblock various geo-specific libraries, consisting of shows and movies unavailable in one’s region.
Additionally, Atlas VPN offers the best speed for streaming content: no lags, buffering, or grainy content.


atlas vpn

Atlas VPN uses AES-256 encryption and ChaCha20-Poly1305 for the best data
protection online.
Atlas VPN offers two different VPN protocols:
IKEv2/IPSec. A time-tested protocol for supporting robust and fast VPN
WireGuard. A modern VPN protocol for fast, stable, and secure connections. Ideal for supporting bandwidth-heavy activities and sudden network changes (like switching from mobile data to Wi-Fi).

Atlas VPN contains a Kill Switch feature for preventing data leaks in case of sudden connection drops. Users can enable it, and their internet connectivity will be temporarily halted until the VPN protection is restored fully. It works on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Atlas VPN iOS app security has been verified by VerSprite.

Atlas VPN has a strict no-logs policy. They do not collect information that would allow to trace Internet usage on their VPN back to individual users. They do not collect your real IP address, and do not store any information that identifies what you browse, view or do online via that VPN connection. The only information collected is basic analytics to ensure great service to all their users.

Additional features:

Split tunneling feature. Atlas VPN offers split tunneling for deciding which internet traffic gets rerouted through our servers. It helps accessing local content if you retain your original IP address on certain applications. This feature currently works on Android, with an upcoming Windows release.

Tracker Blocker feature. Atlas VPN provides a Tracker Blocker for blocking access to known phishing sites and ads. It serves as ad-blocker software. Additionally, it disables third-party trackers and prevents them from capturing insights about users’ online behavior. Tracker Blocker currently works on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Data Breach Monitor feature. Atlas VPN also has a feature for scanning the web to find whether your email account credentials are breached. It does so by looking upon all publicly leaked databases for credentials linked to your email address. If the search finds something, users receive alerts. Data Breach Monitor currently works on Windows, iOS, and Android.

Private DNS. Atlas VPN uses a private address book for looking up IP addresses for the websites you want to visit. It prevents other entities from learning what you do online, as an additional layer of security. All Atlas VPN servers use private DNS.

Unlimited simultaneous connections. Atlas VPN does not limit the number of simultaneous connections. Therefore, users can connect to servers as many compatible devices as they like.

Unlimited bandwidth for premium users. Premium users get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth. It helps support all activities, including streaming, gaming, peer-to-peer sharing, and browsing.

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Threat protection:
Atlas VPN protection goes beyond a traditional VPN service.
Tracker Blocker blocks malicious websites, ads, and trackers. It is perfect for fighting phishing and known fake websites.
Blocks trackers. Tracker Blocker stops data brokers from using third-party
trackers to gather insights about your online activities, which they sell to
companies and advertisers.
Blocks ads. Tracker Blocker blocks annoying pop-ups and other online
advertisements so you can enjoy a clean web without distracting ads.
Data Breach Monitor focuses on the security of users’ emails and the accounts linked to it.
Tracks any data breaches related to your online accounts.
Automatically scans leaked databases and alerts you of any recent or past

MultiHop+ and SafeSwap servers enhance users’ anonymity and privacy online. In both cases, users’ IP addresses rotate, letting them become even more untraceable online. Users’ traffic gets to blend in with the activities of others that share the same IP addresses.

Customer support:
Atlas VPN offers 24/7 customer support.
Users can reach out via chat or email.
There is also an extensive Help center for finding answers to the most common questions users have.

Background information:
Atlas VPN was founded in 2019.
Atlas VPN has a mission to support all users looking for a way to protect their digital lifestyle, regardless of their budget or tech-savviness.
Atlas VPN research team’s studies have been picked up by the biggest media outlets like Forbes, TechRadar, CNET, and the New York Times.
More information on Atlas VPN can be found here.

We use affiliate links and we may earn a small commission if you make any purchase through our links.

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